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OKIDO 'Growing'

OKIDO is an art and science magazine for children aged 2-7 years-old.
OKIDO magazine is educational and fun. Stimulating science ideas through art, play and experimentation.

Messy Monster, Squirrel Boy, Yoga Monkey and Zim Zam Zoom among others fire the imagination, stir curiosity and inspire inventiveness by engaging children in lively scientific inquiry and arts activities

In the 'Growing' issue of OKIDO, you can find all your favourite characters such as Messy Monster, Zim, Zam & Zoom, Squirrel boy and Yoga Monkey, make some new friends, draw, colour, create, play games and experiment around the theme of GROWING.
Every living thing grows - but HOW and WHY?
Have fun questioning and finding out some answers...oh, and don't forget to spot Foxy along the way!"

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